Welcome to one of the most beautiful casinos in Europe

Welcome to one of the most beautiful casinos in Europe. The Casino Bellevue was built by the architect Johann Kroha in 1835 and renovated in 1996. The Casino has open nonstop and the live game is offered 24 hours per day.

The design and interior is a mix of old and new. Four large marble columns dominated the gaming hall. Cream-colored walls, plaster ceilings covered with gold leaf and a carpet in royal blue are a great contrast.

In the gaming hall is a large bar with mirrors and brass. The casino restaurant is known as one of the best in the Czech Republic.

Marienbad is one of the most important spas of Europe. The resort impresses with the nature. There are 40 mineral springs, elegant hotels and spa hotels and as well as the Casino Bellevue.

Casino Bellevue
Anglická 281 - CZ - 35301 Marienbad
Tel.:  +420 354 628628
Fax : +420 354 628627